Karan Bania

Karan Bania
Computer Science Undergraduate at BITS Goa, India, DAAD WISE'24 Scholar.

E-mail: echo "pfwfs3gfsnf3>Elrfnq3htr" | tr '\63-\172\056-\62' '\056-\172'.

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Projects & Publications


I am thoroughly grateful to all of my collaborators and supervisors for their guidance and support. In no particular order, they are Ashwin Srinivasan (Full Professor, BITS Goa), Tanmay Verlekar (Assistant Professor, BITS Goa), Sidong Liu (Full Professor, Macquarie University), Anand Subramoney (Assistant Professor, Royal holloway University of London), David Kappel (PostDoc / Group Leader, RUB), Bharath Ramsundar (Founder, Deep Forest Sciences), Xiang Ren (Full Professor, University of Southern California), Lovekesh Vig (Senior Research Scientist, TCS Research India), Soumya Sanyal (PhD Student, University of Southern California), Mark Schöne (PhD Student, TU Dresden), Khaleel Khan (Scientific Staff Member, Chair of HPVS, TU Dresden), Tianyi Xiao (MSc Student, University of Southern California), and all of my fellow SAiDL members & seniors!

Extra Stuff This is a list of random things, papers, tutorials, pictures, etc. that I find interesting.